Paroles Fiendish Awakening II de Inferi

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  • Artiste: Inferi34016
  • Chanson: Fiendish Awakening II
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Textes et Paroles de Fiendish Awakening II

[music by M. Pugh, C. Brocius / Lyrics by J. Harrell, M. Pugh]

Rise from your ashes
Reanimation though hostility
Resurface from your hell
To serve with undying loyalty
A tattered corpse is all that you are
A servant of the darkness
Now unveil your blades and ready your soul
To serve the unholy

Betray your own
And now you have nothing to fear
Death is no longer an option
Pain and conscience have all disappeared

Destroy your own
Abolish and desecrate
Look in the eyes of your brothers
And show them now
That this is their fate

You are now fueled by the cursed
You're plagued in harmony
With a new born hatred for your family
We see though your soul
Sense all of your fears
And promise you'll never awake
And show them now that this is their fate

Now burn your home
Your task was never so clear
Leave only rubble and tears
Soaked with the blood from everyone that you hold dear

Now heed my calls
Your duty is done return to me
Come to my lair your allegiance is mine
For now and all of eternity

Fear me, hate me...
Your infernal majesty

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