Paroles Deviation In Sacrality de Infernal Poetry

Infernal Poetry
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  • Artiste: Infernal Poetry6174
  • Chanson: Deviation In Sacrality
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Textes et Paroles de Deviation In Sacrality

Pain's bleeding through your eyes
Your sufferings are so divine
Cleanse your soul to God
Your empty flesh will burn into purity of fire
Confess your sins to Christ
Your screams of pain I hear with joy
Expel your putrid life
Our lord of mercy forgives who survives

Torments reveal your lies
Your knowledge curses your life

Subversive practices of thoughts damn you
Satan's speaking through your mouth
In heresy you'll die

Burning the fire starts to clean your soul
Bleeding your blood will wash your sin away
Screaming under the sign of holy cross
Praying under the altar you denied

Words that shown yourself insane
You should have never said
Covenant signed in blood
The life spirit support our crusade to erase
Confront your soul to God
In his higher name we judge
Life is in our hands
Repent to Christ and die delighted for your end

Torments reveal your lies
Your knowledge curses your life

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