Paroles Pragmatic Gemini de Infernal Poetry

Infernal Poetry
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  • Artiste: Infernal Poetry6174
  • Chanson: Pragmatic Gemini
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Textes et Paroles de Pragmatic Gemini

Trough times, throughout the millenniums
With the birth, of thoughts and religions
The society, has developed a dualistic conception
Of the world, of the universe
Of the life, of what's around me,
you, us.
Two sides, for any medals
Bipolar, male and female
Personalities, limited by this bi-conception
Of the world, of the universe
Of the life, of what's around of me,
you, us.
Unwritten law, unspoken rule,
primal instinct or right intuition,
what's the solution?
Standardized vision
Our mind prison
Just two opposite poles
Nevermind, you'll see the way
As the fate will start for our decay
When we won't see again this desolation
In that time, believe me, you 'll discover all!
There's no white without black
No grey in our way
There's no light without dark
No beauty without horror
wrong direction, no solution,
just two faces, just two parts,
mental division: pragmatic gemini.
.And with the fading of light,
when skies bow to night,
I'm the one, I'm the son
And the prisoner of my thoughts
Inestimable gift,
or cause for not to sleep,
my dreams, my whishes
my will to know what's the truth beyond

strange mind, my mind
when it thinks what you never think
strange eyes, my eyes
when they see what you never see
.and sometimes,
two of these opposite parts melt,
generating a life.

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