Paroles Eliminate de Infernal Torment

Infernal Torment
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  • Artiste: Infernal Torment6177
  • Chanson: Eliminate
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Textes et Paroles de Eliminate

Fighters of peace and equality,
fraternity, love and harmony
Die in a fight for world liberty
Your attitude becomes your destiny

Come, kiss my boots for the human race
Come, kiss my boots and they'll break your face

Living to eliminate - YOU
I'm living to eliminate - YOU

Sick of your guts, sick of your life

Why do you feel sorry for the innocent victims of war?
People kill each other, rape eac other, eat each other so what?

You try to ruin all the hate we humans create
You'll have to pay the price, The price is your life
Your love will be your enemy, my hate, my friend
Two automatic guns think better than one

Sick of your guts, sick of your life

Living to eliminate - YOU
I'm living to eliminate - YOU
Living to eliminate - YOU
I'm living to eliminate - YOU

You kissed my boots for the human race
You kissed my boots and they broke your face

Sick of your guts
Kick 'em away
Sick of your life
Took it away

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