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Infernal Torment
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  • Chanson: Product Of Society
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Textes et Paroles de Product Of Society

Biomechanic age
Mankind so full of rage
You'll see it in their faces,
in their smiles, in their eyes, in their minds
The surface seems so real
Inside the coldest steel
A growing need to kill
So join the product of society

Product of society
Eminent variety

No more need to cry
No time to wonder why
No longer afraid to die
Emotionally shy
Sinister plans await
In brains of growing hate
Completion terminate
A lurking fantasy

Product of society
Eminent variety

Then they found a way to take all life away
and they made it
Better than anything at all
Then they found a way to end the light of day
and they made it
Better than anything at all

A great flash is in sight
Illuminates the night
No places wirth to hide
from the nuclear energy
And now I wonder why
we jerk off in the sky
and why we had to die
Was it our destiny

Product of society
Eminent variety

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