Paroles Growing Again de Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse
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  • Artiste: Insane Clown Posse20067
  • Chanson: Growing Again
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Textes et Paroles de Growing Again

The jump off one summer night I noticed my shoes was fittin' wrong.
My feet was all of a sudden a half an inch too long.
I jumped in my car and thought, "Now who the fuck
was in my seat, fuckin' with my levers and
re-adjustin' my mirrors."
I stopped to get a Slurpee and I noticed I was floodin'
in my jeans getting back in my car, I split my ass seam.
My shit ain't hardly fitting anymore, fucked up detergent or,
I'm growin' bigger than a mother fuckin' dinosaur.
Got out the car and had to duck to get in Shaggy's place.
You should have seen the fuckin' look up on his
painted face.
He said. "Holy fuckin' shit, I don't know if you knowin' but you growin' and it's obviously showin' homie."

Watch where you fall down, watch where you fall down,
Watch where you fall down, watch where you fall down
And now I'm growin' again, and I'm growin' again,
now I'm growin' again, and I'm growin' again'
Watch where you fall down, watch where you fall down,
Watch where you fall down, watch where you fall down
And now I'm growin' again, and I'm growin' again,
now I'm growin' again, and I'm growin' again

The next day I woke up, Shaggy's three dogs
were trippin' on me.
Laid out on his couch a smooth nine-foot three.
They don't fuckin' love me no more. I stand up
and put a hole in Shaggy's ceilin' with my big-ass nug.
The dogs ran, Shaggy's like, "Holy fuck, don't move!
First thing you gotta fuckin' do is do not move!
We need to get you out the house before you
fuck my shit up!"
I had to crawl through the hall into the front yard,
then get up.
I'm lookin' through the eyes of a twelve-foot tall man.
Don't feel any different though I could use a tall can.
I'm growing every hour and reason's unknown.
Now I'm sitting on your home with my feet on your lawn. Damn.


To me, SUVs and sedans, they're like pop cans.
A little bit heavier but tin in my hand.
Shaggy's chillin' on my shoulder in a custom-made basket.
I'm tryin' to ride with my boy in this bitch, and outlast it"
I try to stay in one place, it ain't no use in hidin':
Hella-choppers beamin' with coppers on all sides.
And the media governments are offerin' jobs.
World press, scientists, all swarming with this mob
all around us.
"Fuck it J, you only getting' bigger, dog. You and me,
right now homie, go for a jog.
We've been sittin' here lettin' them observe us and what?
I say you tell 'em' fuck the world and throw the Lotus up."
Now I'm runnin', every step is 32 miles, shakin' the
earth, turnin' buildings into piles.
And I'm runnin', crashin' trees like blades of grass.
my head's above the clouds, all they seein' is my ass.
And I'm runnin' 600 mile an hour wind gust,
footsteps explosions, three days of dust.
And I'm runnin', I can still hear Shaggy on the
megaphone. "Keep keep keepin' on! Don't stop!
Come on!"
And I'm runnin', through states in two steps or less,
Through the oceans, and don't even be getting
my nuts.
And I'm runnin', finally gravity took me away
I ran right off the planet into the black of outer
space and I'm runnin'

Chorus x2

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