Paroles Burning Fight de Inside Out

Inside Out
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  • Artiste: Inside Out20095
  • Chanson: Burning Fight
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Textes et Paroles de Burning Fight

I'll reach out my hand and you'll turn the other way.
I'm only trying to extend myself, to communicate.
I try and I try and I try, there's no response from you.
So now I refuse to waste my, waste my time, to waste my fucking time on you.

I refuse to let myself down by falsely putting judgement on you.
To make myself look higher, higher - only to be knocked down by the truth.
I will never choose a different path; I will never turn away from you.
Your attitude is an example of this, which has become for me a burning fight.
Not to change your opinion of me; but to try to help you see what's right.

And I will never choose a different path; ya I will never turn away from you.
I will never choose a different path; and I will never fucking be like you!
Yeah, it's my burning fight, my burning fight.
This is my burning fight, my burning fight.

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