Paroles Trojan Transmission de Intense

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  • Artiste: Intense7324
  • Chanson: Trojan Transmission
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Textes et Paroles de Trojan Transmission

Insidious, invisible, an enemy unseen
We open up synapse and flesh
Allow it through the screen
Question not
The cathode-ray lord
The truth is what you see
See not
What lies between the lines
Invading our biology

Inanimate, unaware, bovine for the kill
You rot away, from inside
As we exert our will
Plant the seed, set the trap
Striking at the blind
First it will control your body
And then destroy your mind

Hallucinate - manipulate
We set the program, and seal your fate
Hallucinate - manipulate
Your inner thoughts we infiltrate

A repeated act through history
Supposed benign technology
In hands of those with twisted hearts
Made lethal by philosophy

Tumour grows, life distorts
So begins the game
Trojan send, now your world
Will never be the same

Hallucinate - manipulate
We set the program, and seal your fate
Hallucinate - manipulate
Controlled reality an altered state

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