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International Superheroes Of Hardcore
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  • Artiste: International Superheroes Of Hardcore36680
  • Chanson: Captain Straight Edge
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Textes et Paroles de Captain Straight Edge

I am Captain Straight Edge and I am here to stay.
All you evil drug dealers are gonna see the day where you go down.
If you smoke you choke, you drink you stink.
I'll shoot a laser beam at ya cause!
I am Captain Straight Edge!
I believe that straight edge is the only way.
All you druggie maniacs are gonna see the day that you will die!
If you smoke you choke, if you drink you stink.
I'll shoot a fireball at ya cause!
He is Captain Straight Edge!
Yeah boy bbbboy!
Life is good
Drugs are bad
Life is good

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