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International Superheroes Of Hardcore
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  • Artiste: International Superheroes Of Hardcore36680
  • Chanson: Screamo Gotta Go
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Textes et Paroles de Screamo Gotta Go

From the eastcoast to the westcoast, screamo screamo gotta go!
Eyeliner, your stupid hair, your tryna look spooky with your morbid Stare..
screamo screamo gotta go! (x4)
Tight black clothes, you look like a freak, you think your so cool, your the flavour of the week,
screamo screamo gotta GO! (x4)
Its gotta go, its gotta end!
this is the part (the part) where all the girls will like you..
this is the part where all the guys will think your cool..
this is the part where you want the girls to think your cute..
this is the part where you want the guys to think your cool (your not cool) but your not.. cause YOU SUCK!

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