Paroles Old World New World de Inxs

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  • Artiste: Inxs3116
  • Chanson: Old World New World
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Textes et Paroles de Old World New World

Natives wearing turquoise and silver
Dirty dogs barking in the distance
People of a thousand tongues
I'm learning the primitive rights
I'm doing as the Romans do
Mt. Kalais to Mt. Everest
Then down to the river Ganges
To follow your mighty past
We're learning the primitive rights
We're doing as the Romans do

Old world
New world
I know nothing
But I'll keep listening

Cities tumble into the ocean
Cities getting built in the sky
Now we're talking digital
We're learning the primitive rights
We're doing as the romans do

Millions playing at monopoly
Rolling the dice of their life
I'm dancing and shaking hands
We're learning the primitive rights
We're doing as the Romans do

I know nothing
Grow old look wise
Never knowing 'til I die
But I'll keep listening
I'll keep listening

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