Paroles Wisdom de Iona

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  • Artiste: Iona28308
  • Chanson: Wisdom
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Textes et Paroles de Wisdom

You were the very first
Before the world began
And the oceans rose
And the rivers ran
And the water flowed
Before the mountains and hills
were set in place
Before stars in the sky
And the human race
You were there
You were there

Wisdom, teach me what is right
Wisdom, come and give me sight
Wisdom, come and be my light
My light

You are the voice of truth
That is just and right
A shield to the faithful
A sword for the fight
A path for the wise
And those who desire You
More than silver or gold
Will find understanding
Within the soul
For You are there
You are there

Wisdom, teach me what is right
Wisdom, come and give me sight
Wisdom, come and be my light
My light

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