Paroles Metal Victory de Iron Fire

Iron Fire
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  • Artiste: Iron Fire6220
  • Chanson: Metal Victory
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Textes et Paroles de Metal Victory

As brothers we will unite
And fight for the might
We are like sent from hell
Born to ring the bell
Of glory and faith
Before its too late
Prepare to fight in war
Under the thunder roar
The troops of steel
Have heard the call
The power of metal
Will never die
Will reach for the sky
In glory we die
On a quest of eternal pride
Into battle we ride
Fight proudly forevermore
And serve the metal law
The endless crusade
Will strike with fire and hate
The troops of steel
Have heard the call
The power of metal
Will never die
We will fight for victory
And defend the holy light
Brothers of true metal ride
Into the night
The time has come
For us to fight
Mighty sword be our guide
Hail to the power of

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