Paroles Public Enema Number One de Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
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  • Artiste: Iron Maiden2784
  • Chanson: Public Enema Number One
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Textes et Paroles de Public Enema Number One

When it all comes down the line
And the lights they turn to greed
And you race off with your tyres screaming
Rolling thunder
And the people choke with poison
Children cry in fear
But you've got your fast bullet
One way ticket outta here


Fall on your knees today
And pray the world will mend its ways
Get to your feet again
Refugees from the heartbreak and the pain

In the cities in the streets
There's a tension you can feel
Breaking strain is fast approaching
Guns and Riots
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins
And the Press get fed the scapegoats
Public Enema Number One


A million network slaves
In an advertising new age
I don't need a crystal ball to sell ya
Your children have more brains
Than your drug infested remains
California dreaming as the Earth dies screaming


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