Paroles Burning Metal de Ironsword

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  • Artiste: Ironsword48448
  • Chanson: Burning Metal
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Textes et Paroles de Burning Metal

I'm a warrior
And you the virgin
You are my sacrifice
To the Metal Gods
I'm hot I'm on fire
Persuaded by sex and wine
Woman come here to me
On this night

Wolves they howl
Full moon shines
High priest invoke the storm
Through ancient rites
From a Metal bar
I crave for the blade
I'll lead my warriors
And defend the faith

I bring the power
For those who wait
Our kingdom will come
Immortal we stand

Behold in the distance
My flaming sword
For it was forged
In the eyes of the storm

Feel the magic of burning Metal
Feel the magic of burning Metal

I hail to the gods
With sword raised up high
I praise all the powers of Metal

I'm a warrior
And you the virgin
You were my sacrifice
To the Metal Gods
On the altar
Lies semen and blood
Gather the legions
To greet the thunder

Welcome the age
Of mastery
we are champions
Forever free
On the arena
And on the battlefields
All infidels die
We are supreme

Feel the magic of burning Metal

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