Paroles Under The Flag Of Rome de Ironsword

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  • Artiste: Ironsword48448
  • Chanson: Under The Flag Of Rome
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Textes et Paroles de Under The Flag Of Rome

Under the flag of Rome
Sudden was our fall
But I'll have my place
On the great wargods hall
Down on my knees
The spoil of war all around
Grant me a last chance to avenge
Let me die with my crown

If you live by the sword
You will die by the sword

Under the flag of Rome
Symbol of might and wealth
Thousands of legions came
Only to sow death
My fate was built
On blood and pride
My wounds are many
I've tasted life

If you live by the sword
You will die by the sword

Under the flag of Rome
Men of untamable ambition
Betrayed by false words
We're left for humiliation
Our priceless freedom
Was a cost too high to pay
I bear not to be a slave
Our dream cannot blur away

"Veni, vidi, vici..."

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