Paroles Perfection de J-Shin

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  • Artiste: J-Shin11368
  • Chanson: Perfection
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Textes et Paroles de Perfection

Oooooh, Ooooooh, Oooooh
Oh Could It Be You I See
Oh Could It Be You I See

Girl I Like The Way Ya Talk {I Could Listen For Days}
And The Sexy Way Ya Walk {Like Your On A Runway}
Ya Got Me Thinkin To Myself (Oh Could It Be You)

One Look
I Was Too Cool, But Then We Made Eye Contact
I Was On A Mission To Find Out (Oh Could It Be You)

I Been Lookin For That Girl Ima Wife Up
I Been Lookin For That Girl Ima Ice Up
Searchin All Over For Perfection
(Oh Could It Be You)
Cuz Ya Body Is Bangin And You Know It
With A Smart Mind To Go Wit It
And I Been Searchin All Over For Perfection
{Oh Could It Be You}

Girl You Can Be The One [Knock On Wood]
Cuz I Can Take Ya And Meet Mama [Or To The Hood]
Ya Got Me Thinkin To Myself, Yeah [Oh Could It Be You]

Got A Perrty Face, Small Waist, Perrty Toes
Lord Knows What You Can Do In The Bed
Thats Right, Thats What I Said
You A Bad Motha, And Ima Shut My Mouth
{Oh Could It Be You}


I Been Lookin For The Perfect Selection, Girl
Who Could Be The Object Of My Affection, Girl
The One Who Makes You Wait And Hate To Have To Wear Protection
[Oh Could It Be You]
But Hey, What Can Ya Say, At The End Of The Day

She's A Number One I Think, Dolla Bill, Gold Chain, Superstar, Whole Thang, No Playin, No Game
She's A Diamond Without Tryin To Shine, Yeah
{Oh Could It Be You}


Ooooh, Oooooh
Oh Could It Be You

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