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  • Chanson: Ready & willing
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Textes et Paroles de Ready & willing

Girl it ain't not thang
If you're with it we can swang
I'm ready and willing
I hope feel what I'm feelin, yeah yeah.

Since, you've been lookin' round my way
I can't hide, I'm here 2 stay
I've been feelin', feelin' quite the same
And this seems strange, that we've had no exchange of words, and now that must change
We were meant 2 be, so let's roll the dice, and we will see.

Girl I'll give you all that I have
We'll take things slow, let's not move 2 fast
I'll make sure they're nothing you need
And I promise you baby, that I will alwayz be.

Girl it ain't no thang, if you're with it we can swang
I'm ready and willing
I hope you feel what I feelin'
I want you here 2night, cuz you got just what I like
I'm ready and willing, I hope you feelin'.

Girl, you know you got me in a daze
I won't lie, it's just your wayz, that's got me feelin'
Your actions just amaze, and your love is blowin' my mind
And your bodies been so kind
Girl you consume my every thought, baby come with me ready or not.


Yo, what's up baby
You know it's a reason why I pulled you over here right
Yeah I'm ready, you willin', 4 whatever.

(Girl I'll put you where you wanna be
I just want 2 be your fantacy
Got me ready and I'm willing
Can I show you love, show you love 2 night) 3x


  "A jagged era [#9]"

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