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Jamestown Story
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  • Artiste: Jamestown Story18803
  • Chanson: Don't Say No
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Say No

If only you were a ship, I'd sail the seven seas
Claiming all the land that remains of you and me
We'd drift down the coast in search of a new life but all we'd find is
gold just to misdirect our minds

Don't say no, don't burn yourself alive, wont you take one last breath,
and hold on tight
And when the clouds come rolling in to pour their summer tears upon your
burning skin, ill be waiting here

If only I was a star sewn into the sky, hanging from the thoughts that
always keep you awake at night
And when you would look up the fog would cover me, hiding all that we
share and all that we can be

Ill be waiting here
Ill be standing here
Are you listening?
I hope you're listening

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