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  • Chanson: Sweet Liberty
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Textes et Paroles de Sweet Liberty

It's seven o' clock in the morning
I lift my eyes to autumn skies
I look out through the graveyard
A silhouetted swallow files
He flies to distant countries
I lose him just behind a cloud
I yearn to be that swallow
And go where I am not allowed
Over mountains, over oceans
Heaven take me away
For I long for my liberty
For sweet liberty I pray
It's nine o' clock in the morning
I teach what's been instilled in me
But is this all we're meant for
Condemned to mere tranquility?
Well, women feel as men do
We must engage out minds and souls
Let us, like our brothers
Let our worth define our roles
Breaking custom and convention
Let tradition give way
For we all need our liberty
For sweet liberty we pray
And I wake from my bed
With the urge to depart
And to follow the dreams of my heart
It's twelve o' clock in the pitch black night
I can't contain my wanderlust
I seek a new adventure
I search the skies because I must
I hunger for new faces
To find a better destiny
And fly among the swallows
Far beyond the troubled sea
Over mountains, over oceans
Heaven take me away
For I love for my liberty
For sweet liberty I pray
'Cross the rivers
Past the highlands
With God's wind in my hair
I look out over boundless skies

My spirits riseAnd carry me
Beyond my past
Where I will find
Sweet liberty
My libertyAt last

My spirits rise
And carry me
Heaven let my freedom
Carry me
Where I will find
At last

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