Paroles Women is losers de Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin
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  • Chanson: Women is losers
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Textes et Paroles de Women is losers

Women is losers
Women is losers, oh
Say honey women is losers.
Well, I know you must try, Lord,
And everywhere
Men almost seem to end up on top.

Oh, if they told you they want you
Say come around by your door.
Whoa I say now, if they don't desert you,
They'll leave you and never be here for more.
Oh yeah!

Women is losers
Women is losers
Women is losers, Lord, Lord, Lord!!!
So now I know you must-a know,
Lord, it's true,
Men always seem to end up on top.

They wear a nice shiny armor
Until there is a dragon for to slay.
Any day now,
Course with men beggin' to pay ‘em
Then they'll turn and run away, oh!

Women is losers
Women is losers
Women is losers, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord!!!
So I know you must-a know, Lord,
Men almost seem to end up on top, oh!

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