Paroles Bless My Wrath de Jasad

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  • Artiste: Jasad47938
  • Chanson: Bless My Wrath
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Textes et Paroles de Bless My Wrath

My wrath, my hate
Forever flames, until I die

No one can stop me in this decrepit earth
My wrath can be more than tsunami
All the pain that you gave me
Soon will be return to your suffering

In the name of oppression
I'll grind all of my knifes
Lord of hatred come inside my soul
Generosity to murder
Dizzing a couple of bride declare
To live together
Rising my wrath once more again
The bride is target of murder

Abandoned me, leave me on the loneliness
Forgotten me, Buried me
It would be pass of your death
It will be, because I'm the threat

Bless my wrath,
The darkest sky that I see
Anger out from deep blue sea
I'm here stand alone upon the unfit earth
Bless my wrath,
Deeds my own holy book
Seed of hatred that I hook
Dry field decorated human body I look
Bless my wrath,
For the life in misery
For the breath in mystery
I sing by my own forgotten lullaby

Tortured me with your words and acts
You will pay motherfucker!
Insulting me, you are so proud of nothing
You will know motherfucker!
Spittle me, split all my feeling
You're splash all my hatred
Pissing me, your act like a king
You will pay for everything!

I got tack decision to eliminate all your deceits

Colouring me the think that called suffering
Rounded me the smiles full of deceits
Enchanted me by the mask of beauty
Endured me in regrets

Shall I see moss growing on your tomb
Shall I see your rotten corpse laying on the table
Shall I see flies perch on your body
Here I sit empty bare

Brokendreams haunted everynight
Throw the star down, restlessness soul
Brokenhopes haunted everyday
Sunlight shy, all memories I burn

Bless my wrath,
I was born on your darkside
Shocked you when you're awake
You'll see the coldblooded
Terminate your life
Bless my wrath,
The incisive shall be
The explode shall be
The sickest gun on earth shall be me
Bless my wrath,
Sacrifice my enemy, loosen my infamy
I'm the neoarchitect of the new grave
Bless my wrath,
Sadness change by my hate
Sickness became my fate
For the avenged
I should not be lazy and late

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