Paroles Good Year for the Outlaw de Jeffery Steele

Jeffery Steele
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  • Chanson: Good Year for the Outlaw
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Textes et Paroles de Good Year for the Outlaw

Hey, C'mon.
First time I heard "Good Hearted Woman",
I was in my uncle's car.
He said: "Son, now that's what I call music,
"Listen to them guitars."
"Turn it up, go on,
"Turn it up."

He said: "Forget that crap you're listenin' to,
"These songs, they got some meat."
I don't think I heard a single word,
'Cause I was caught up in the beat.
Yeah, I turned it up,
I turned it way up, yeah.

An' it was wild guitar, it was loud an' hard:
Some hill billy rock an' roll.
It was somethin' new, breakin' all the rules,
Man, I could feel it down in my soul.
It was Waylon an' Willie playin' Chet an' Cash,
An' takin' the country back.
Yeah, times were tough an' it was hard to find a job.
Well, '79 was a good year for the outlaw, yeah.

All right.

Well, it was somethin' like five years later,
I fin'lly got my license to drive.
I was huggin' the kerb first time I heard,
"A Country Boy Can Survive."
An' I turned it up,
Yeah, I turned it way up.

An' it was wild guitars, it was loud an' hard:
Some kinda hill billy rock an' roll.
It was somethin' new, breakin' all the rules,
But you could feel it down in your soul.
He was the son of the original son of a gun,
Takin' the country back.
The economy was the worst you ever saw,
Yeah, but '85 was a good year for the outlaw, son.

Instrumental Break.
(Turn it up.)
(Whoo, c'mon.)

Now somewhere in some honky tonk,
You don't even know his name,
Some young upstart just startin' up,
An' he's wantin' to make a change.
He says: "Turn it up,

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