Paroles Seasons Change de Jerry Jeff Walker

Jerry Jeff Walker
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  • Artiste: Jerry Jeff Walker21081
  • Chanson: Seasons Change
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Textes et Paroles de Seasons Change

There is less light and the night is longer now
The air is full of something strange
No more at ease the geese fly stronger now
Because they know the seasons change

The gentle dove knows love is over now
Wanderlust sets him aflame
My heart must start to play the rover now
Because I know the seasons change

Summer's here and then it's gone
Spots are changing on the fawn
Spring and summer held my heart
But I can feel the winter breaking all of that apart
Through autumn leaves I see your face right now
Your dress is wet with the summer rain
And though we loved I must erase you now
Because I know the seasons change

You must understand
Everything throughout the land will be another color soon
Winter breezes, autumn's moon
Our love is short, it cannot stay
It came by night, it's gone by day
The seasons change

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