Paroles So Far Away de Jerx

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  • Artiste: Jerx52993
  • Chanson: So Far Away
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Textes et Paroles de So Far Away

First time that we met
I felt it was not the last time,
not the last time
First time in your bed
I felt I was out of my mind,
out of my mind
But I wasn't the one who would stay
You will never know what I'm feeling
Way deep inside, way deep inside
'cause I'll never show
I rather keep telling my lies
telling my lies
So I won't be the One who's to say:

"Do you know I hate to be so far away
Do you know how I can't stop counting the days
Do you know how I hold back all I could say
Do you know I hate to be so far away..."

No, I'll never know what you're feeling way deep inside
way deep inside
'cause you'll never show
you rather keep telling your lies,
telling your lies
So you won't be the One who's to say:

"Do you know..."

Never be true, never be sure
Do you think I send these roses to you?
always be cool, always tryin' to be a reflection
of all that you do
Never be true, never be sure
Do you think I will be dreaming of you?

I will not say:

"Do you know ..."

Do you know I hate to be so far away...
hate to be so far away
so damn far away
Do you know how I feel at the end of a day
Do you know it's not me who is to blame
Do you know I'm so tired of playing this game
Do you know I hate to be so far away

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