Paroles Turn It Up de Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney
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  • Artiste: Jesse McCartney3119
  • Chanson: Turn It Up
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Textes et Paroles de Turn It Up

Let me introduce myself for those of y'all who don't know,
It's me who kicked down the door back in 2004.
Thought you knew me when I was bringin' Beautiful Soul,
That was a preview let me shoot you the first episode:

Make ups and break ups yeah I fell in and out of love,
Wrote it all down for you to to look it up.
21 years hopping in and outta clubs,
What would you do in ma shoes? You be livin' it up!
But don't get it twisted,
Yeah there's a piece that you never see,
Tryin' to keep the shit from affecting ma whole family.
Caught in the middle (Who's a friend? Who's an enemy?)
I do what I can cause in the end I'm where I wanna be.
I don't needa talk about it (No) just let the record play.
Hate it or love it, it don't matter cause I'm here to stay.

Ladies get yo *** up give it a little shake

And fellas throw yo hands up (up... up... up...)

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