Paroles You Don't Know What Love Is de Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson
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  • Chanson: You Don't Know What Love Is
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Textes et Paroles de You Don't Know What Love Is

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Last night I saw you
As I stood in the rain
Brought me right back
To that feeling again
I tried to hide the
Tears in my eyes
But you didn't see
As you walked on by

Tried to forget you
I tried to move on
But the deeper I feel it
The harder I fall
Nothing else matters at all
Let me tell you

You don't what love is
Till you lose it
You don't know what love is
Till it slips away
Leaves you alone in the dark
Takes you and tears you apart
You don't know what love is
Till it breaks your heart

Till it breaks your heart

Sometimes I think back
When our love was new
The crazy things
That we used to do
How could a love that's so right
Turn to something so wrong
I still can't believe
That you're really gone.

I wish I could stop all these
Thoughts in my head
I wish I could take back
Those words that I said
It's a lesson I'll never forget
Let me tell you


Ooh, yeah

Love has no season
No beginning or end
No rhyme or reason
To the way the story ends
No way of knowing
How a broken heart mends
Still we keep falling
Time and time again


Till it breaks your heart


Till it breaks your heart

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