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Jesus Jones
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  • Chanson: All The Answers
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Textes et Paroles de All The Answers

Yes you know how some things seem like God's gift
Easy come and easy go
They disappear before you know it
And in the light of this new day dawning
We see things a different way
With such a price on what we say

But I'm so pleased for you
I'm so pleased
You have all the answers

Thanks a million for your thoughts on culture
Please feel free to speak your mind
Though people say it turns you blind
And did you know there's a God here with you
He knows what is right or wrong
'Cause he's read the book for far too long

But I'm so pleased for you...

What do you know about good and evil?

So here's a thought while we burn our bridges
If the pen's not worth the sword
Then pass the gun and praise the Lord

But I'm so pleased for you...

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