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Joe Cocker
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  • Chanson: Delta lady
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Textes et Paroles de Delta lady

Woman of the country now that i found you
Longing for your soft and fertile delta
And i wisper sighs to satisfy your longing
For the warm and tender shelter of your body
Oh delta lady

Your mine, yes your mine delta lady
Your mine, be all mine
Delta lady

Please don't ask how many times i found you
Standing wet and naked in the garden
And i think of the days
And the different ways i held you
We were closely touching, yes our heart was beating

Your mine, yes your mine delta lady
Your mine, be all mine
Delta lady

Oh when i'm home again in england
I think of you my love
Cause, i love you, love

There are concrete mountains in the city
And pretty city women live inside them
Oh but yet it seems the city scene is lacking
I'm so glad your waiting for me in the country

Your mine, yes your mine delta lady
Your mine, be all mine
Delta lady

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