Paroles He's a Liquid de John Foxx

John Foxx
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  • Artiste: John Foxx21460
  • Chanson: He's a Liquid
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Textes et Paroles de He's a Liquid

He's an angleShe's a tangentThere's some flowers on the bathroom floorHe's a click trackNow she makes a flashbackHe's a liquidHe's a laughShe's a graphHe wears a sticky white shirt and tieIn those viscose clothesHis watch hand glowsHe's a liquidShe's elusiveHe's adhesiveHe's a trickle down a falling wallThey get married too muchShe's a soft touchHe's a liquidHe pullsShe pushedThey read the Bible about the floodShe draws the curtains'Cause now she's certainHe's a liquid

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