Paroles Dust Down A Country Road de John Hiatt

John Hiatt
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  • Artiste: John Hiatt6446
  • Chanson: Dust Down A Country Road
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Textes et Paroles de Dust Down A Country Road

Could not get to sleep

It was on my wedding night

I was tangled in the sheets

And I was dreaming of a light

Pouring from her window

Coming up through the floor

Lifting up the darkness

Crashing through my kitchen door

Down to that old oak table

I went to take a look

And my whole life flashed before me

Just like a story book

She used to make me breakfast

Or sit around and talk

Have another cup of coffee

Or maybe take a little walk


Dust down a country road

Blowing int he wind

Behind an old truck load

Up before the rooster crowed

There's an old dog staring

At the dust down a country road

And that truck is going somewhere

I just can't be sure

When tomorrow's just the day

After all that's gone before

And I always thought of leaving

I never could stay too long

Now her memory's catching up

And our sweet dreams are all gone


If I had a bullet I'd put it in this gun

And I'd catch that old dog napping

And I'd shoot him before he runs

Cause he ain't much good for nothin'

Except staring at the dust

Lord I wonder what he's looking at

Sneaking up on us


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