Paroles Everybody Went Low de John Hiatt

John Hiatt
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  • Chanson: Everybody Went Low
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Textes et Paroles de Everybody Went Low

Well the prize was right there underneath our eyeballs
And when it all came down we were looking for the pitfalls
Until Junie said babe better get yourself to going
We were so far gone we had no way of knowing

Everybody went low
Everybody went low
Everybody went low

She was pretty as a junebug jumpy as a nerve end
When she pulled the rug out my tires started swerving
I was driving through the living room driving through the basement
Looking for the lowest spot in the pavement

Everybody went low
Everybody went low
Everybody went low

Everybody went low

Nothing there to corrupt you
Nothing there to live up to
There's no place further down
Turn it off or turn around

While I was coming up for air I heard somebody breathing
It was Juniebug praying harder than a heathen
She was smiling like the soul survivor in a lifeboat
Said if I jump in Junie you think this thing will still float

Everybody went low
Everybody went low
Everybody went low
Everybody went low


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