Paroles Getting Excited de John Hiatt

John Hiatt
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  • Chanson: Getting Excited
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Textes et Paroles de Getting Excited

Just a basement party with some high school friends

Boys touching girls, like they did back then

But that fat boy you invited

He's getting excited

Underneath red lights he can't believe his eyes

Pushing back his tears while fingers crawl up thighs

And it all seems so damned one-sided


Now he's getting excited

He's getting excited,

And he knows what happens

Now he's getting excited

His love unrequited,

Their blouses unfastened

What's it all about

He was asked to come and play his new guitar

Driven through the snow in his mother's car

Any twelve year old would be delighted


This body's not his

It's no good in this world

Of muscular boys

And giggling girls

And all the pretty ones stand undivided

Now he's getting excited

Just a basement party and this is where ends

Some of us make love, some of us pretend


He's getting excited

He's getting, he's getting excited

He's getting excited

He's getting, he's getting excited

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