Paroles One Kiss de John Hiatt

John Hiatt
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  • Artiste: John Hiatt6446
  • Chanson: One Kiss
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Textes et Paroles de One Kiss

You look just like Mona Lisa, baby

Have you got something up your sleeve?

You got your arms folded and your legs propped up

Oh, I must say, you're looking relieved

Was there some tension eased up on us, baby?

Like two plates shifting on a fault?

They sold Van Gogh's Sunflowers the other day

Some guy stuck 40 million in a bank vault!


One kiss and we're on our own

One kiss it can mean so much

One kiss and we're almost home

One kiss that's the final touch

They shot that Galileo off to Jupiter

We'll have some pictures in about six years

Gonna stomp anything the Voyager sent back

Cause Galileo dreamed it, it's here

Now Ralph Kramden never sent Alice to the moon

But you know he wanted to

But having a good friend like Norton to ease the pressure

Can really work wonders on a fella's point of view


Oh it's bringing me to my knees

They lost all those kinescopes

All of those memories

Doing the cool jerk together

Let's outlive our usefulness, baby

Let's stay in our own skin too long

Till we're so wrinkled all the hatchlings just laugh at us

As they crack out of their eggshells at the break of dawn

We'll say "Oh are y'all just getting home

From a long night of self abuse?"

Well me and the missus we were just getting

The coffee pot to perk

Yeah, it's a dirty job but ya know

We're still living it and loving it

You kids let us know when you're finished with your artwork


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