Paroles Overcoats de John Hiatt

John Hiatt
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  • Artiste: John Hiatt6446
  • Chanson: Overcoats
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Textes et Paroles de Overcoats

Well I wandered in

To the house of mirrors

With a camera and an old shotgun

I was taking some pictures

Of me and my fears

And exploding them one by one

When all of a sudden

Much to my surprise

A lady with a fine tooth comb

Struck a match up to my face

And said, "Get out of this place

You better leave the ugly truth alone"




I ain't never heard you sing



Take off that silly thing

Well, I looked her in the eye

With a slave-like stare

And said, "I'm here to talk about the rent"

Well, she did a double flip

Then she buttoned up her lip

Went and hid in the oxygen tent

Well the image shriveled up

And the air got thin

As she smiled from behind her mask

She said, "You can stay here all night

But it's gonna cost you your life

If I was you, I would be leaving fast."


I didn't come for information

No I've read the daily news

It's carved on everybody's face

But I'm without illumination

Yes, I think we blew a fuse

And I'd be much obliged

If you could help me locate the place

Well at this, she seemed quite baffled

And like a little girl

She took off her wedding gown

Then she stood before the mirror

And it all came clear

She was married to the lost and found

So I left her there sleeping

In her honeymoon

And I made it through the antidote

Well the procedure is brief

If you wanna see what's underneath

You gotta take off that overcoat



I ain't never heard you sing

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