Paroles Wonder Of Love de John Hiatt

John Hiatt
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  • Chanson: Wonder Of Love
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Textes et Paroles de Wonder Of Love

Other half of last night's cigar
A couple of Pop Tarts
Cold cup of coffee
There's a fine new start
I'm gonna find you
If it breaks my heart
Tail wind and God willing

I don't even know anymore
If anything's true
Don't even know what love can do
I still wonder though
If love can pull us thru
All this time we been killin'

It's a wonder of love
Keeps me up above ground
The wonder of love
Keeps me looking all around
The wonder of love
Doesn't know when it's down
That's the wonder of love

I'm not even gonna ask you
Where you been
I'm afraid if I go with you
Won't come back again
What would we be leaving
This breakfast of champions
Sometimes I just can't get goin'

I've been looking for you all these years
Sittin' across this kitchen table here
You pass the sugar and suddenly it all comes clear
It's the wonder of love that's showin'

It's a wonder of love
Keeps my shirt on straight
It's a wonder I can even concentrate
I wonder why I always have to wait
That's the wonder of love

I got down on my knees last night
And I thanked someone
For the chance for two people
To try and live together and not run
I lost ya that night
You were gone in the next day's sun
That's the wonder of love

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