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John Mellencamp
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  • Chanson: Night Slumming
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Textes et Paroles de Night Slumming

(Night Slumming - burp 123)
Well good evening to, the dirty bordellos
And good evening to, the girls who work uptown
And say hello, well hello, to the gay young fellows
Who make their love, on the meat rack
In their sister's gowns

Well I ain't no king, but I ain't no princess
And I don't get drunk, no no
But I can still be blown away
The phantom lover of the future
And I don't go to work
'Cause I sleep all through the day
Talkin' 'bout

Night, night, night, night slummin'
Night, night, night, night slummin'
Night, night, night, night slummin'
So when you see me tonight
I'd be reaching the heights
So were coming

I never counted on ...
All the good things have been taken away from me
Aww, heavy or hard, I know those younger punches
Cause tonight is another day for destiny

Well the damage is done, hey I can't really feel it
Well I don't fault your love and
The bathroom stains, oh yeah
And its a little too fast and dieing too young
That's what we're talking about
Well it's this slummin' that makes me
Stop to think


Night, night, night, night slummin'
Night, night, night, night slummin'(goodnight)
Night, night, night, night slummin'(yeah, yeah)

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