Paroles The Face Of The Nation de John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp
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  • Chanson: The Face Of The Nation
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Textes et Paroles de The Face Of The Nation

As I run through this life
Sometimes it breaks my heart
Seein' old people goin' downtown
Stumblin' their way through the dark
And the little babies cry
For their mothers' warmth
Sometimes I feel so helpless
I don't know where to start

And the face of the nation
Keeps changin' and changin'
The face of th enation
I don't recognize it no more
The face of the neation
The face of the nation

So many lonely people
Damn those broken dreams
Oh yes it could be better
You can say that about anything
Some got it worse than me
Some got it worse than you
You see the people starvin' underneath the tree
And you wonder what happened to the golden rule


You know babe I'm gonna keep on tryin'
To put things right
If only for me and you
Cause the devil sleeps tonight


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