Paroles To M.g. (Wherever She May Be) de John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp
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  • Chanson: To M.g. (Wherever She May Be)
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Textes et Paroles de To M.g. (Wherever She May Be)

I was watching a movie the other night on T.V.
The actress reminded me of you
Her attitude, the way that she smiled
She was doin' a part girl, like you used to do
I do believe you played it better
If it wasn't better, it was just as strong
I would've called you up on the telephone that night
But somehow girl, it'd been all wrong

I heard you married a stranger
In a horse and carriage that was covered with gold
Well, you wanted to be different and still fit in
I wonder if you feel different at all now that you're older
Hope you didn't lose that innocent laughter
Oh, God I hope time didn't take that away
All those junior high nights underneath the front porch light
A good Catholic girl during the day

Oh, oh just watching the time grow
Old enough to know that these memories can't hurt a thing
Oh, oh just watching the time grow
If I saw you today, girl I wouldn't even know ya

Well I know it wasn't that big of a love affair
But boy, it sure seemed like one back then
When I parlay the memories into their proper places
I can see now we were no more than friends
Ooh your kisses sure tasted sweet
But I guess any kiss tastes sweet at fifteen
I just hope your touch is as warm to your ol' man
As it seemed like it was to me


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