Paroles Too Young To Live de John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp
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  • Chanson: Too Young To Live
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Textes et Paroles de Too Young To Live

Well its hard to be cool when your still in High School
You got the old man jacking you around
And he tells you what to do
Gives your opinions to you
And you feel like just some kinda clown

And the old lady is bitchin
Why do you clean up all the kitchen
What time you gonna be home tonight
And you walk out the door
Cause you can't take anymore
You don't know wrong from right

As you walk by
All the young girls gonna wink their eye
You ain't playin' for pennies no no
You know that the trick is to hide
You're to young to live
But you're a little to fast to die

Well you fear for you ass and run ??
Down that grass, when the crowd comes near ??
And the suicide dolls ?? can be easily bought
After a six, six pack of beer
And they talk a little loud
When their - "Who have you been with now" ??
Did you find yourself a hero
And you think its kinda fun
That you don't have any money
To bet if you place or you show

(variance) - All the young girls gonna shake their thigh

Well some time in the night
You cry for a sign
Of someone to help you along
But you see yourself as tough
And you know its just a bluff
You got that reputation to carry on
And if you ever get away
From what the old man might say
Hey you been a big man .....
You'll remember the cliche
In what your mother use to say
Your family is your only friend


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