Paroles For Finbar de Johnny Socko

Johnny Socko
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  • Artiste: Johnny Socko21582
  • Chanson: For Finbar
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Textes et Paroles de For Finbar

My buddy Zeke is my buddy's freak and he's about to pop out in about a week
When Zeke popped out, nurse slapped him-whack- that good ol' boy done slapped her back
When Zekes around, you'll know it's him by his funky walk and his upside grin
Carvin' his name in all the doors, spittin up his slurpee all over the floor
Flickin' them boogers up off the wall his poop is art, hangin in the hall
Zekes favorite food, if you please is uncooked gravel and cottage cheese

a fish a fish whoa no no no...ain't got no biz
Red and Yellow one swim on the top
blue and black one get down on the bottom

Whenever they take him out to eat, spittin up his food, onto my seat
The boy's got sghetti comin out his nose, sports Joey's cheecks, Irish as a rose
On his high chair he juggles jello at one-foot-three, he's a very fine fellow

a fish a fish yeah yeah yeah yeah
Red and Yellow one swim on the top
blue and black one get down on the bottom

Rotund mushtahed with a baseball cap, throwin green beans up at his pap
The little man love his prune cake bread, paint his sister blue from toe to head
Dancin around, arms in the air, holdin a plate with a donut there
Paisely pooper, custom chocolate swirl
...but what if Zeke turns out to be a girl...

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