Paroles Enough Is Enough de JoJo

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  • Artiste: JoJo3061
  • Chanson: Enough Is Enough
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Textes et Paroles de Enough Is Enough

I could have lost it all,
Trying to be your one and only, ah!
I almost came undone,
But I gotta free myself this moment, oh!

So shut up, shut up,
I'm about to get up, get up,
Now that I can see clear
Baby, I'm a break free, I'm out of here!

Enough is enough,
I made up my mind, I gotta take it on,
First thing on tonight!
Flowing down, hands up!
And I mean it this time,
Baby I'm done, I'm gone,.. tonight!

You used to be the one,
But I slowly became the option.
You gotta take your time,
No more holding on!

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