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  • Chanson: Fairy tales
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Textes et Paroles de Fairy tales

You know the story
You read the books
Boy meets girl
Then they fall forever in love
But I know better
So here goes a tale
Of the realest of the real

Now once upon a time in a small world
It was everything that I dreamed of
He was my gem and I was his pearl
Nothing could come between us
A prince charming to call my own
Until the day that he broke my heart
And left me wonderin all alone
Pickin my mind and soul apart

Used to believe in love (I used to believe in love)
Used to believe in fairy tales (In fairy tales)
Since my heart's been crushed (It's been crushed)
I don't believe in much, I need help(No no no no no)
Don't know which way to turn
Figure it out for myself
I've just started to learn (La da da dee, oh)
There's no such thing as fairy tales

Is a good story supposed to end
Unhappily ever after
Just as wonderful as it begins
And carry on for a few chapters
Then how come each time I open up
I can't seem to get past page one
I guess it's time for me to close up
And go back on the shelf because I'm done

(au Refrain)

Twinkle twinkle little star
Why do my dreams seem so far (Why they seem so far)
Up above the world so high
Won't somebody tell me why (Can you help me)
Can you help me out
Can you tell me what love is all about
Cause I never known it for myself (Don't believe in fairy tales)
That's why I don't believe in fairy tales no more

(au Refrain, x2)

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