Paroles Amnesia de Jon Langford

Jon Langford
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  • Artiste: Jon Langford48567
  • Chanson: Amnesia
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Textes et Paroles de Amnesia

It was a dark and stormy night and the ship was rockin' on the open sea
Tossing and turning and rolling in our bunks the first mate the boss and me
From bristol to the ivory coast then on to jamaica
Down in the hold there is no sound we're taking rock n' roll to america
Bless my soul what's wrong with me i forgot to forget to remember
The king of england waits in exile in the crack fields of bolivia
Burning white house shining path back to reconquer americay
Eric Burdon stunned in Mississippi on the animal's U.S. tour
Mardi Gras Indian segregation 1964
Up the river wah wah throbbing heavy artillary
Blackface painted floodlit jungle gringo military
Any old army high on drugs fighting that rock n' roll war
Truth justice and led zepplin heavy metal marine corps...

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