Paroles Authority de Jon Langford

Jon Langford
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  • Artiste: Jon Langford48567
  • Chanson: Authority
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Textes et Paroles de Authority

I obey I am myself Freedom PowerAuthority
Obidience and discipline, neighbours curtains twitching
TV station watching you, every little thing you do
I want to be ... I want to be ... I represent commodity
Fax me in the morning Honey, administrate authority
Desire and freedom, what I am, fully controlled a simulacrum
Nerve gas clouds, too smart by half, free my ass

Her surrender is her guarantee
She loves to know she can't be free
Every wish is like a debt
How strange her debt is infinite

Industry culture land where we live and obey commands
It's very sad I'm afraid the goose that laid the golden egg is dead

Watch me express myself
In the peak of fitness and health
In bondage I'm really free
These chains are really me

I am beautiful like a dream very authentic so it seems
I never cry nor ever smile faking orgasms all the while

Feelings so warm and soaked with joy
The truth of Art, oh boy oh boy
Penetrate and make me real
Never think only feel

I obey I am myself Freedom Power Authority

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