Paroles Born To Choose de Jon Langford

Jon Langford
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  • Artiste: Jon Langford48567
  • Chanson: Born To Choose
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Textes et Paroles de Born To Choose

A sketch for the state of non-virginity
A blueprint of my body spread out on the table
Men stand in aprons with trowels and dividers
Projecting an arc across my beautiful skin
I will not have what I do not want
Control the body, control the mind
Man in the dress who made the rule
Is spying on his neighbours
But if I don't own my body how can I sell my labour?
Life should be hard, life must be pain
Write off the living again and again
Mr. Pro-Life beat up your wife
Support for the war
Death to the poor
I spoke to a girl from Scotland
Who was pregnant and didn't want to be
Who went back to the hospital and had a cup of tea
All the demons rolled into one were dripping down her cheek
And put back the splinter of glass back in her heart
There's a lot of ghosts round here
A lot of crying in the dark
A taxi pulled up to park and out stepped old King Solomon
Half hinting half revealing shrouding set of claws
Legislation to obey as in a dreamless sleep
He built a motor car for me that glides through darkness spinning
Analise and supervise you don't even know who I am
We're born to suffer, live & die in pain
It's what we deserve, to pay for our sins
You are so moral, your judgement so sound
Protect the unborn, put the living down
Apolitical, hypocritical big money Nazi cause
Protect the unborn, beat on a whore

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