Paroles His Bad Dream de Jon Langford

Jon Langford
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  • Artiste: Jon Langford48567
  • Chanson: His Bad Dream
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Textes et Paroles de His Bad Dream

Waiting at the Western Union
at the dawn of an exhausting day
Trying to keep one step ahead of the disaster
That's already happened in LA

Looks likes and iceberg, acts like an asshole
More to lose than win
Everything looks OK
When you're hiding in a bottle in the Holiday Inn


Back in the room at ½ past 3
I knows he's not listening to me
Down the corridor she is dreaming
Of killing him, her brain is bleeding

Some say he thinks of us
Others say he thinks about us
Some say he is asleep
Area, his dream is back

Take control of everything

The Days Inn on Diversey
Is a very nice to stay
When you're in Chicago
With nothing to do all day

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