Paroles Lyric de Jon Langford

Jon Langford
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Textes et Paroles de Lyric

I said yes I said no I said ask again
They've caled a snap last judgement
The length of this room was impossible to asess
Strange attractors, letters of the alphabet
I was shaking like a fruit tree
Casting apples to the ground

Where do murderers go man?
Who's to doom when the judge is up for trial?

I drunk and drugged myself in the taverns and the alleys
I don't know what I have inside me something wants to come out
I absolutely had to leave I was sick of violent scenes
They don't mean a fucking thing to me
Flowers of flesh in starry fields uncurled strectched out alone
I'll take the smell of your skion back to my room

Where do murderers go man?
Who's to doom when the judge is up for trial?
I cannot tell a lie
I canot tell the truth

Above this town, above the clouds and seas
Beyond the sun, past the ether, past the frontiers of the starry skies
My mind flies far away through the limpid realms of space
Equally insensitive to the suffering of human kind
The infinite expansion of infinite things
Continous luminous, serene, through the dark tedium of a million nights

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