Paroles Anthem For American Teenagers de Jon McLaughlin

Jon McLaughlin
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  • Artiste: Jon McLaughlin21599
  • Chanson: Anthem For American Teenagers
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Textes et Paroles de Anthem For American Teenagers

[Verse 1:]
The pieces that are showing lead to the unknowing
Pieces of my life taking up my time
It's always how it is and never don't exist
Everything you need is nothing he can be

You never lose. You never lose before we go we all should know that.

[Verse 2:]
Carousel's around me and no one here has found me.
And I don't think you saw the parts that only are.
I'm leaning on my instincts, guide me to the meaning
of everything you said, filling up my head.


[Verse 3:]
When memories only hurt you they're taking over.
Let me on the inside I'll be a shoulder.

Now it's like I've always saw it.
Let me on the insdie I'll be a shoulder.
Memories only hurt you they're taking over


[repeat 3 times]

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