Paroles But A Bag de Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur
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  • Artiste: Joseph Arthur4734
  • Chanson: But A Bag
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Textes et Paroles de But A Bag

She won't hesistate
To take me to denver
Or to pay for my man made
Wanna buy a bag?
I pay like everybody else

She wears a nightgown
In front of you
Shows you a nipple
Or that's just what I see
Wanna buy a bag?
I pay like everybody else

All of the makers are comatose
All the makers make the most
And when they buy their bags
They pay like anybody else

All of the daughters are having fun
They spend all their evenings looking for guns
And when they buy their bags
They pay like anybody else

It's okay to have fun with your mind
Hang onto anything decent you find
Cause when you buy your bag
You pay like everybody else

I been alone for a very long time
Take care of yours
Cause i take care of mine
If i certainly leave
You'll pay like everybody

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